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Wordpress Plugin – track referrers based on url GET parameters using regular expressions

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First of all, all the credit and thanks to Marios Alexandrou for his wordpress plugin Social Media Alerts for Wordpress, which allows you to set up email notifications when certain query-strings are received to your wordpress site!

For example, if you wish to see when visitors come to your site from Twitter, you can specify a query string of “source=twitter”. When visitors come to your page with this parameter on the URL (ie. then this will be tracked, and you can be notified by email.

I installed this plugin but besides specifying the literal query-string, I wanted to be able to handle dynamic query-strings based on regular expressions that I could define. For example, I wanted to track all query-strings that matched “”.

This would track visits to anything where the query string matched “ref=…”. For example, “”, “”, “”, etc.

Here’s my little bit of code to the plugin to support regular expressions :

# File: social-media-email-alerts.php
# Line: 142
# Replace the existing "get_query" function definition with this:
  function get_query($qs){
          global $wra_sites;

          if ($qs) {
                  $query = explode("&",$qs);

                  foreach($query as $query_string){
                                  return $query_string;
                  # Added for regexp matching on query string
                  foreach($query as $query_string){
                          foreach($wra_sites as $key => $val){
                                  if (preg_match($key, $query_string) > 0) {
                                          return $key;
          return false;

As you can see, it’s just a single foreach block that will match a query-string by regex, and return if found. Now it’s possible to add a rule for /^ref=.+/ that will alert me upon any match to this regular expression.

Written by Andrew Waage

March 24th, 2011 at 5:37 pm

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